Integration and Transformation Workshop – Working with the Divine Mother and the Twelve Apostles

Little Miriam

Integration& Transformation workshop, working with the Divine Mother & the 12 Apostles..supported by essences blessed by the Apostles
For many months within Sacred space with Spirit, the Divine Mother channeled to me the contents of this workshop.. the Divine Mother has given two beautiful meditations, starting off with one of bringing the body into calmness to complete transformation of all that needs to fall away from oneself. Throughout this guided meditation there will be quite times where I will channel the higher Frequencies of healing from God to the whole group.

In this workshop as we work through the meditations given by the Divine Mother, the Apostles too join their energies, circling us individually, supporting their brothers & sister on their journey in:
Integrating into what True Peace is
Integrating into what True Abundance is
Integrating into what True Stability is..

Master Sananda’s has come forward and requested his energy to be channeled of Pure unconditional Love to each person, sealing their energy and day.

Spirit has recommended anyone who is participating in this workshop should have a clearing done previously to prepare for the energies of the day

Fair exchange fee 133.00
30 euros deposit…
If you choose to have clearing done, please add an extra 10 euro

Date 10th May 2015
Time 1pm – 5.30 pm
Venue: Dublin Positive Heath Center, 37 Lower Baggot St, Dublin 2

Love Miriam

Phone: 087-0553974

the Apostle Essences

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Reiki Level 1 Course – Saturday and Sunday, 17th & 18th January 2015
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Reiki Level 1 Workshop in Dublin City – 17th & 18th Jan 2015

Reiki Level 1 Course in DublinIts a nice time to learn something new particularly Reiki, a beautiful and peaceful healing practice that is learnt in this 2 day workshop. This is a very relaxing course with meditations, practising Reiki on yourself and your colleagues, meeting like minded people who are also interested in self help, positivity and relaxation. Learn about the basics of your energetic body, your chakras, your aura, meditation, affirmations and lots lots more besides some nice cups of refreshing tea and bickies. Please feel free to call me on 086 3473473 with any queries or to book your place. These are small friendly groups. Go to for rmore information

Integration and Transformation Workshop with Miriam Sananda

the Apostle Essences

In this workshop we will work through the meditations given by the Divine Mother whereby we sit in her presence with the Apostles whilst I channel High Octane Spiritual Frequencies of healing.. This workshop is one of Transformation & Transformation Integrating into what True Peace is Integrating into what True Abundance is Integrating into what True Stability is.. Master Sananda’s Energy of Unconditional Love will seal the workshop.. This workshop is supported by essences blessed by the Apostles..also their channeled messages..
The fee for this workshop is e133.00, which includes a clearing during the week prior workshop, as Spirit recommends to prepare oneself for the the energies of the day..
Date: Sunday 16th November
Time: 1 pm-5ish
A deposit of 40e books your seat…                 

Little Miriam ~ The Heart of his Heart ~
High Octane Spiritual Healer
Phone 087-0553974


Little Miriam






Some History

Last september my journey started when the 12 apostles first came around me. together with master sananda and the divine mother we have created this workshop of deep transformation.

I have experienced the immense love that the divine mother has for us and it is with her presence and meditation that will support us in letting go of all that no longer serves us, that steals us from true peace, joy and abundance.

The apostles, ordinary people like you and I, who have walked the earth before us, know and understand the trials and tribulations that one can go through in a human form. they at this time have come back to help us to shift from the old paradigm of all that keeps us stuck,  from experiencing what true love, abundance and stability is and it is with divine grace & blessings they are sharing their own very own light and essence with us through bringing forth ‘ the apostle light essences, each apostle offering strength, peace and direction through healing.

love & blessing

miriam sananda



Date: 16 November 2014

Venue: 37, Lower Baggot St, Dublin ( The Dublin Positive Health Centre)

Price: € 133.00


If you have had not had an activation with me it is advised you have a clearing which will be done the week prior to attending the workshop, through long distance, arranging a time will not be necessary… price e16.00

Introducing the apostles essences


Reiki Level 1 Workshop in Dublin – 18th & 19th Oct 2014

Its that time of year again, as we head into winter, the nights are starting to get longer and we are moving closer to the beginning of the Celtic New Year in November with the celebration of Samhain. So, its a nice time to learn something new, particularly Reiki, a beautiful and peaceful healing practice that is learnt in the 2 day workshop and can be used on yourself, your friends and family. This is a very relaxing course with meditation, practising Reiki on yourself and your colleagues, like minded people who are also interested in self help, positivity and relaxation. Learn about the basics of your energetic body, your chakras, your aura, meditation, affirmations and lots lots more besides some nice cups of refreshing tea and bickies. Please feel free to call me on 086 3473473 with any queries or to book your place. These are small friendly groups. Click here to read more about this Reiki Level 1 Course

“The Choice” – a 5 day meditation retreat in the beautiful Mucklagh Lodge amid the Wicklow mountains

Incorporating the Choice I & II –  September 12th to 16th 2014  

Miindfulness Retreat Dublin

This retreats contain lots of important information about who you really are, what you are and where these realizations will lead to. This work goes pretty deep and has life changing effects. The reason the retreat is called “The Choice” is, that somewhere along the line, it provides you  with options to make certain choices within yourself that might change the course of your life, if you decide to do so.

Mucklagh Lodge WicklowIt will be both enjoyable and challenging with Meditation, Mindfulness, Sound, Resonance of sound, Chanting & Mantras, Cleansing, Exercise, Good Food, Enlightening Conversations, Reflections, Dhamma Talks and Healing.

We do not and will not believe in any ideas of levels, accomplishment or training. Meditation and spirituality is for everyone. Most mornings of the retreat we will start early, way the time depending on how much sleep the group needs. We have a habit of waking everyone up in a special way.

Below is more specific information about the retreats.

Please feel free to call Geraldine for a chat on 086 3473473 or email for more information or to chat about this retreat.

The Choice Part I - Meditation and Enlightening Conversations

The Choice RetreatWe will mainly be practicing “annapanasati bhavana”, which is MINDFULNESS as taught by the Buddha. Mindfulness is a very important practice in order to become aware of the mind and its workings. All judgement CAN be stopped by Mindfulness. The veil of what you consider the “true self” shall be lifted. In between there will be time for some refreshing walks and some healings. We will also touch upon the subject of what realizing the “non self” actually is. We will also learn some, not yet revealed, forms of meditation.

The retreat is a mixture of exercises and practices that will help you realize “mind” for what it is. Many veils and layers of the perception we call “reality” will be addressed. Like a lotus flower peeling off the leaves, one by one. There are Yoga exercises, specially developed exercises, breathing techniques that will expand your lung capacity and special techniques of mindful sleeping, walking and meditating. Waking up in a mindful way is part of the course.

We will give you techniques, to be at your assistance, as “handles” you can use easily, that will help the ever busy Western mind relax, steer away from anxieties help with health problems and it can even heal phobia. You will get to know “the self” that which we perceive as “I”.  We believe in practical use of all methods, he will reach you the stepping stones to do everything by yourself, for yourself.

Find Peace, find relaxing moments, find your perception of “Self”, be able to be in your energy in this bustling life. Meditation in a world of action.

Furthermore, the 5 days are perfectly balanced, with good foods as well as with supporting elements and supplements and healthy, healing and cleansing practices. There will be great Vegetarian food, so tasteful that if you’re not a vegetarian, you won’t miss it. We eat 3 times a day and it will be an event in itself enjoying each others’ company and having some great conversations.

The journey is the most important thing but it is also very important to just enjoy the experience.

The Choice Part II - The Path

Buddhist Retreat

We will slowly move from Mindfulness towards a precisely built-up that will lead you towards a clear path of self realization. Realization, being the key word. Amongst other forms there will be energetic work with a special form of Kundalini Yoga, Dhammakaya (original which has a DIRECT EFFECT ON KARMA), breathing meditation and hatha yoga.

We work with a lot of different methods that all support one another and all will be much clearer, by the end of the course when all seems to come together.

There will be explanations of the Dhamma as well as the possibility to ask questions that arise or have arisen, over time. You will get handy support techniques to help these and other meditations improve immediately.

There will be a few meditations that are only allowed to be passed on from acknowledged teachers on the specific subject.

We will have a few intense meditative moments, as well as deep insight.

Besides all that we do energetic work that enhances the body and mind, we will do inside and outside exercises from ancient traditions, we will also meditate in nature (with its obstacles) have some nice walks and talk about this path. The idea is NOT to get from A to B but to enjoy and realize every step of the way. We also will have a little discourse on HAPPINESS NOW.

The Choice 2Everything has come from sound. We will try to FEEL how this works as well as the positive effects, both physically and mentally. We will FEEL the power of sound and the metamorphosis this can invoke.

As said, the path IS the goal. So elaborating on what effects you can expect will mainly depend on your personal depth during these days. Try to (mainly) experience it for yourself and take home the positive changes it can bring you.

There will be quite a few questions that you will be asked to consider, during practice. In the end these all fit together, like a jig saw. Connecting the dots is what we’ll be doing. More and more things will become clear so that we can see deeper into the reality of the world we have created.

We hope that the “weather gods” smile upon us so we can enjoy the environment and do some practice in nature. We sincerely hope that YOU will be there too.  You will change in a positive way.

This retreat will start on the Friday around 1 pm and we will end on the last day Tuesday the around 2 – 4 pm with a long resonating chant and a blessing.

The cost of the 5 day retreats  is € 450 

There is a special offer now of € 75 reduction if you are coming with a friend

A deposit of € 100 will be required to ensure a place in these small groups.

Please remember that monetary problems can never stand in the way of spirituality, so if there is a serious reason which would make it unavailable to you, please let us know. This cost includes food, drinks, the whole course and supporting food supplements, which are, to say the least, extraordinary.

You will receive a little booklet (to read at home) and so it is not necessary to write anything down. You CAN, however, record some of the talk for further practice at home.

See you then! Meta (loving kindness) happiness and lots of energy!

This will not be a silent retreat

 “ An Attha” Mandala Image

The Choice Retreat

This image is a mandala that symbolizes “An Attha”, the aspect of selflessness.  You can find all of the mystical symbols of the ages in this mandala and it has a middles sphere of void, which is not the same as nothing. You could say that translated to the Western mind it is “Not Positive, Not Negative, Not Nothing, comparable (but not the same as) in western thinking the Godly stream that has no charge.


 Meta is one of the most important aspects of what I teach and everything actually should come from that energy. It is loving kindness. Meta is a part of 4 sorts of empathy that we should all at first practice and then become.

Meditation is for everybody. It does not matter if you are happy or unhappy, rich or poor, healthy or unhealthy, clever or a little slow. Everybody can have all of the benefits right now. There is no need to wait until tomorrow. Energy is free. Free yourself from nostalgic and emotional feelings about the past. The past is what it is, it has past. The future is what we create right NOW in every moment. It is all about being in the NOW. Recurring themes are forgiving yourself and others, as well as Meta- loving kindness.

Love, light and Meta!

Please feel free to call Geraldine on 086 3473473 or email  for more information or to chat about this retreat.


Find the therapy that suits you best, all under the one roof, call Geraldine on 086 3473473 to book an appointment

Alternative and Complementary TherapiesCounselling - Provides a confidential and supportive space to explore difficult feeling and discover solutions to problems.

Craniosacral Therapy - A sensitive support suitable for mother to be & babies and for stress relief

Deep Tissue Massage - Release chronic muscle tension or knots and muscle tension, (no oil)

Energy Healing- Tap into your own intuitive knowledge to gain insights, release trauma and changing your life

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage - Oil based massage with long flowing strokes using the underarm, deeply relaxing and healing

Herbal Medicine - Provides tonics that are tailored to you enabling your body to resolve symptoms

Homeopathy - Talking therapy followed by prescription of natural remedies to promote healing

Hypnotherapy - Positive suggestions are readily accepted, releasing stuck emotions

Life Coaching - Support the achievement of extraordinary results, based on set goals

Mindfulness of the Breath - Be more in the present….awareness of the now is a ticket to freedom

Play Therapy -  Is an opportunity for the child to ‘play out’ their feelings and problems with a therapeutic objective.

Pregnancy Massage - Relieving back ache and body tension for pregnant women, plus relaxation

Psychotherapy - A talking therapy to alleviate personal suffering and encourage change

Reiki - Gentle hand on healing which is deeply relaxing and refreshing (Clothed)

Shamanic Counseling & Healing - Talking therapy with energetic healing releasing blockages and assisting you to move forward in life confidently

Shiatsu - Rebalances your body, reduces stress, releases muscular tension and improves flexibility (clothed)

Reiki Level 1 Course in Dublin City Centre – Special offer, now only € 150

Reiki Level 1 in Dublin 2Reiki Level 1 Course in Dublin – 26th & 27th of April – Special offer now only € 150

 “Promoting a Professional, Enjoyable and Hand On Reiki Courses”

Reiki is a gentle but powerful hands on healing art. It helps restore balance and harmony to your mind, body and spirit. Used throughout the world by people of all races and belief systems, Reiki is something that can benefit people of all ages from children to adults including during pregnancy.

Reiki Level 1 is a wonderful beginning to your own inner journey as you begin to feel the energy and learn to trust your own instinct. Reiki will change your life forever.

These workshops are set in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere with like minded people. Plenty of time is allocated to your questions so you feel confident in using your new skills from day 1. You will have a new skill/career after completion of the Reiki Practitioner level.

After this 2 day workshop you will be able to give yourself the wonderful gift of Reiki, any time you want to? before falling asleep, on the bus or while waiting in a queue. You can also offer wonderful healing Reiki to your family and friends. Reiki is a very useful and positive tool to have in your life.

Reiki – Level 1

2 day workshop

Venue: Dublin Positive Health Centre, 37 Lower Baggot St, Dublin 2
Saturday & Sunday, 26th & 27th April 2014

Cost € 175 – deposit  € 50

Contact: Geraldine on 086 3473473 or 01 8394146 or email:

Reiki has proved to be of great relief for a broad range of conditions. It is used as a compliment to conventional therapies in hospitals. It can assist with the following conditions to mention a few, migraine, asthma, skin conditions, ulcers, orthopedic injuries and arthritis.

The gentle Reiki energy is also effective in calming the mind and has helped many with anxiety and depression. You do not have to be ill to benefit from Reiki, it can assist in reducing Stress, increasing your energy levels and physical health.

On this course, we will give you an awareness and understanding of life force energy, holistic health and the mind-body connection, and how to harness and use this energy in everyday life for health and happiness. In just two days you will learn simple but amazingly powerful healing techniques for calming and revitalising your mind, body and spirit, for relieving stress and pain, for increasing your well-being and for bringing deeper insight, healing and balance to yourself, your family and friends.

Everyone is welcome to learn, from young children to people in their senior years – no prior experience or training is needed, just an open and enquiring mind and the time and commitment to continue practising the techniques.

During the course of the weekend we will be covering and experiencing all of the following:

  • What is Reiki
  • How Reiki actually works
  • The benefits of Reiki
  • The meaning of Reiki
  • History of Reiki
  • The Reiki Principles
  • A Guided Meditation


  • An explanation of the Chakra System
  • The seven chakras and how that relate to your body and the universe
  • A more detailed understanding of the chakra systems and how it relates to your health
  • An explanation of the endocrine system
  • The chakra system and the endocrine system’s interrelation


  • Mental clearance techniques
  • Emotional clearance techniques
  • Affirmations
  • Teaching the importance of personal energy management, protection, self care and well being
  • Aura Soma Essences  and quintessence’s
  • Explanation of Attuenment/Initiation process
  • 21 day cleansing
  • Personal Reiki 1 Attuenment


  • Guidelines for a Reiki session
  • Correct breathing and posture
  • Opening a Reiki Session
  • Reiki self treatment using 13 hand positions
  • Give and receive a full reiki treatment on a chair
  • Special positions for treating specific illnesses
  • The possible effects during and after a Reiki treatment.
  • Bringing Reiki into all areas of your life
  • Grounding Techniques
  • You are taught how to Cleanse your Aura and your enviroment.
  • Golden Light Meditation
  • Sharing of experiences of Attunement/Initiations and questions arising.
  • Each student will practice giving and receiving Reiki.
  • Opportunities for students to share workshop experience.
  • Brief introduction to the various levels of Reiki

You will also receive:

  • Reiki 1 Manual to take home for reference on all learning
  • Certificate of Completion of Reiki Level 1 – in compliance with the RFI (Reiki Federation of Ireland)
  • Continued support
  • Follow up support session

-       At the end of the workshop we will arrange to meet for a follow up session of approx 2 hours, this usually takes place 3-4 weeks later. This allows us to share how you are getting on with Reiki, answer any questions you may have in the meantime and share some reiki.

You can make a deposit payment on the website using the voucher payment option. This payment option uses paypal which is useful to have for online payments. If you need any assistance with setting up a paypal account, please feel free to contact me.

Or you can post a cheque or postal order payable to Geraldine Walsh and addressed to Geraldine Walsh, Time For Me, 37 Lower Baggot St, Dublin 2.

Geraldine Walsh

Qualified Holistic Therapist  ¦ “Time for Me”

Homeopath ¦ Reiki Practitioner & Teacher ¦ Seichem Practitioner &  Teacher ¦ Shamanic Counsellor and Therapist ¦Lomi Lomi Nui Hawaiian Massage – Full Body & Pregnancy Massage ¦Life Coaching ¦

Registered Member of  Irish Society of Homeopaths ¦ Registered Member of the Reiki Federation Ireland ¦ Certified Member of Slí an Chroí Shamanism

Dublin Positive Health Centre, 37 Lower Baggot St, Dublin 2

 ¦  t: 01 839 4146 ¦ m: 086 347 347 3 ¦ e: ¦

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One to one healings with Roberto Flores Solis from Peru

Peruvian Shaman in DublinRoberto Flores Solis was born and raised in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, in Cusco in Peru, in 1973.  A magical place surrounded by beautiful mountains where it is said that you can hear the heartbeat of Mother Earth.

Roberto calls himself a Chacaruna, an Incan term, which means “bridge person”. A Chacaruna is the one who  helps others to cross from one state of consciousness to another, from the mind to the heart, from the present to the past or to the future. He offers ancestral rituals, reconnection with sacred nature, recovery of  self- steem, equilibrium of the seven solar plexus of the seven bodies, and harmonization of the three fundamental bodies.

Roberto will be facilitating one to one healings to harmonize physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies, bringing harmony, balance, happiness, abundance and physical health.

If you would like to book an appointment with Roberto for the 28th of May in the Dublin Positive Health Centre, please call me on 086 3473473.

These session last 1 hour and cost € 60.

I worked personally and traveled around Peru with Roberto in 2013. He is a beautiful man, a power healer and lives his beliefs from his heart.

Roberto practices the use of the Cosmic Medicine of Apu Wachuma or San Pedrito in Peru.